Meet Airi,


Your Business Assistant

Airi Helps your business managing accounting and
getting right information in an easy way.

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Why Airi So Special

Smart Assistant

Airi uses artificial intelligence to recognize how you work, managing your income and expenses automatically to accounts etc.

Easy to use

with chatbot technologies, it will revolutionize how you manage your financial and get information, as easy as texting a friend.

Save Time

Airi working very quickly, so it will Saving your Time, and Reducing your Effort.

    Personal Accountant with Personality

  • 1
    Understand Cash Flow in an Instant

    Airi solve complex issues of financial admin. With Airi, managing your income and expenses is so simple , it's as easy as texting a friend and really fast.

  • 2
    Create and Send Invoice

    Let's Airi Create and Sends Invoice with Professional Look in Minutes

  • 3
    Generate Financial reports easily

    Airi can help you Generate financial reports, including balance sheet, profit & loss and cashflow statement so fast and easily



    Your Personal Smart Informer

  • 1
    Finding other Businesses Easily

    Airi can help you finding for vendors or competitor appropriately and quickly.

  • 2
    Ask anything about Business

    Ask to Airi anything about business, like SEO, Growth Hacking, Who is the CEO of Company X, you'll be amazed, how smart it is

  • 3
    Personalized Daily Insight & Quotes

    Airi uses artificial intelligence to recognize how you work, so the more you chat to it, the more it learns and adapts to give you recommendations about your business, motivating you, giving you daily Insight & Quotes personalizely

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